'Los Caños de Meca', is one of the most unique destinations in the Spanish geography. The beauty of its landscapes, its environment and its fantastic and varied beaches not remain indifferent to the traveler, and which make it an ideal year-round destination.

There are many tourist attractions among which the Natural Park of 'La Breña y las Marismas de Barbate'.
Since ancient times, the tides and winds have swept us. With the release spanning the Straits looking towards sinuous dunes endless beaches, remnants of flourishing civilizations, where sea, sky and forests merge, in the Natural Park of 'La Breña y las Marismas de Barbate', inhabited by many species, some unique . The 'Tajo', sublime and lonely cliffs lookout, protects up to 100m altitude, jealous of its  treasurable Coast. By which, following in the footsteps of its warm nights, rising temperatures until the sun gives it its magical light.